Get Involved

I want to be on the volunteer team

Impact Kids has several needs for believers to volunteer their time at the different meetings.  Your role might include:

  • Snack prep.
  • Offer homework help
  • Clean up
  • Participate in a free time activity with kids
  • Lead one of the ‘Impact Kids’ activities (optional)
  • Always be involved in relationship building

How to volunteer: (We ask volunteers be a follower of Jesus Christ and commit to one school year of service)

  • Participate in a ‘Get to Know You’ meeting with director
  • Fill out an application and undergo background check
  • Go through a training session

How to start an ‘Impact Kids’ ministry

Our passion is to give as many kids as possible an opportunity to hear about the saving love of Jesus Christ as in many locations as possible. If you are interested in leading a ministry in your community we want to talk to you.

Here is what we are looking for in leaders:


  • Committed followers of Jesus Christ with a love to minister to kids.
  • A Gift in coordinating activities for kids and leading a team of volunteers to assist you
  • Dependability and teachability

Prospective Ministry Leaders are interested believers who visit the director about your desire in leading a group, your walk with Christ and what is needed from you as a potential leader in forming a ministry. As a result of your meeting with the director we ask that you pray and seek the Lord’s guidance as to your possible involvement with the ministry as a leader. In addition, you will be asked to fill out a ‘leader application’ and undergo a background check.

Ministry leaders are thoroughly trained by the ‘Impact Kids’ directors in coordinating a ministry. Most of the training will be on site, with additional training sessions to help you make the best impact.

What is the cost of running an Impact Kids ministry?

You will not be charged a fee to lead an Impact Kids ministry, however you will be asked to provide snacks, recreational and board game-type equipment for the group. (Contact your church for ways they might partner with you.  (We are able to help in any way we can)

Will you help me get started?

We will provide you with ample training, prayer support, encouragement and a ‘Kit’ with all the lessons and information you will need to minister to kids through the program.

What we offer you

We offer support, encouragement, prayer and ongoing equipping. We also provide liability insurance from InFaith. A director from Impact Kids will visit your sight once a month as is required by InFaith. Ministry to students is huge! You have an opportunity to make an eternal difference in the lives of kids in your area.