What is Impact Kids?

Impact Kids is a ministry of ‘InFaith’, a non-denominational mission that seeks to reach the un-churched in America for Jesus Christ.

Impact Kids is directed by field staff, Jeremy and Danae Hoyt.  Impact Kids teaches ‘God’s Word and how to apply it to elementary age kids during after-school hours. The ministry meets in different settings including schools, and an apartment community.   Activities included in the meeting are: Homework help, after-school snack, Bible lesson activities and recreation.

Who leads the meetings?

A committed, safe and caring Christian team of volunteers that have undergone the application and background check process. The team might include parents, senior citizens, college and high school aged kids.

What is taught at Impact Kids?

All the lessons taught at Impact Kids are from the Bible. Here are examples of themes we teach: The Life of Christ, Creation, Sin, How to use the Bible, Missions around the world, How to follow Christ, How to Pray, etc. Note: During our meetings we allow students an opportunity to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.

What is the cost of a child to join Impact Kids?

Due to the generosity of donors all over the U.S Impact Kids is free for every child who attends.

Where are the Impact Kids meetings?

Impact Kids has locations in Colorado Springs, as well as to the west and south of the Colorado Springs area. Contact us for information on specific times and places.

When does ‘Impact Kids’ meet?

Impact Kids typically meet during the after-school hours when there is a full day of school. Impact Kids offers Summer activities as well for the communities where Impact Kids is hosted. Activities might include: VBS, or a Sports Camp

How many students are in each ministry?

The average group size varies from 15-40 students.

What can be expected from the kids who attend?

We are praying for a group of students who will encounter Jesus Christ in a saving and transforming relationship with Him. We look forward to seeing kids gain a deeper love for God, follow and embrace the teachings of Jesus, make friends with other Christian kids, serve others, and tell their friends about Jesus.

Isn’t it illegal for this ministry to run during after-school hours?

The United States Supreme Court upheld an Appellate Court ruling that allows for equal access. If a school has an “open campus” policy and allows other student groups to meet then it cannot discriminate based on the content of the group seeking the use of the facilities. Schools adopting a “closed campus” policy simply allows no groups to meet.